When we talk about flat roofs we always think of modern or industrial architectures, in reality, the use of this type has very ancient origins.
The style and the technical characteristics of a dwelling very often depend on the climate in which one lives: in a cold region, where snowfall is abundant, there will be houses with sloping roofs; while in warm or Mediterranean areas there will be dwellings featuring clear, white plaster and flat roofs. The pitched roofs developed in the Nordic countries, both because there was the need to protect themselves from snow and rain, and because the raw material for their construction, wood, was present in large quantities; on the contrary, in the southern countries there was no need to protect against heavy rainfall and there were no woods or forests where to obtain the raw material, based on these needs a flat roof typology characterized by different materials was conceived. In recent years, with the development of new technologies, the flat roof has become a ” fashion ” and a symbol of modernity; moreover, it offers more opportunities than a pitched roof, since it can be equipped as a terrace or a roof garden.

It is important to understand if the roof is well insulated or to insulate it, if you build or buy a house with a flat roof , or an apartment on the top floor of a building with a flat roof.
In the big cities of summer, this problem is most felt, the so-called heat islands are formed, bubbles of hot air that dominate the center and make the temperatures increase very much, to prevent the excessive heat from absorbing the houses the roofs Building floors must be adequately insulated.
Good insulation saves money, prevents waste and heat loss and improves the well-being of the individual in the home. Good thermal insulation makes the home comfortable and livable adequately both in the cold and warm seasons.


The substantial difference between a pitched roof and a flat one is that in fact the second is not a roof, but a roof, a floor with a greater thickness than the simple floors; because of these characteristics, the cover is more subject to infiltration, although it is provided with a slight slope to let the water flow out. Insulation is the fundamental element that protects the roof and housing in the long term, in fact, preventing infiltration also means saving in economic terms on maintenance and expensive renovations.

The thermal insulation of the flat roof can be done simply, quickly and economically. We must rely on a company that can guarantee the quality of the product, a company like Styrodur has a great variety of insulating panels for all needs. The Storydur 3035 CS panel is an insulating panel designed to insulate flat roofs , industrial roofs, terraces and garden roofs. Styrodur is a single-layer extruded expanded polystyrene slab with smooth surface leather and perimetric overlapping on all four sides, free of CFC, HCFC, HFC; consult the technical sheet .