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Repair Your Flat Roof with the Best Professionals.

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The Best Decks and Paving Solutions in Corona and Queens


Ultimate Roofing Service for your home at reasonable price.


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Offering residential roofing and related services at your doorstep.

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Commercial Roofing for your businesses.

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Your home needs a solid, beautiful and sturdy roof, but to set up a strong and durable structure, you need to work with the best roofing contractors in Corona, and fortunately, we can help you.

If you need to repair your roof or build it from scratch, then we are here for you. We can take care of all of your roofing needs. You only need to call and we will arrive!

We have tons of satisfied clients in the Corona, Queens area, who can vouch for the quality of our services. You can work with us with confidence, because we deliver what we promise.

You can stop looking for roofing companies near me, because now you know that we can deliver exactly what you need!

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You need a solution that truly understands your situation and what you need, and this is what we bring you, a roofing service that personalize everything as per your requirements.

That is the only way to guarantee your satisfaction, and we are here to make it happen. That is why so many people in Queens can vouch for us, because we solve all of your problems in record time.

A fast, reliable and affordable roofing service – what else could you ask for?

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Because high quality roofing can be affordable, we put it at your disposal at the most competitive prices in the market. Guaranteed.

Don’t worry. Just request a free quote and we will prove it to you. Get exceptional results for a fair price, contact us today!

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Get the most out of a kitchen in a flat roof extension

Thanks to the house plan, present in many Italian regions, adding an extension makes it possible to expand the home by adding space. This can be used to create a larger kitchen, to become the meeting point of the family, where to cook, eat meals and perform various...


INTRODUCTION OF FLAT ROOF: NEW ARCHITECTURES When we talk about flat roofs we always think of modern or industrial architectures, in reality, the use of this type has very ancient origins. The style and the technical characteristics of a dwelling very often depend on...

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