Thanks to the house plan, present in many Italian regions, adding an extension makes it possible to expand the home by adding space.

This can be used to create a larger kitchen, to become the meeting point of the family, where to cook, eat meals and perform various activities during the day.

kitchen before

Often an extension is in the shape of a rectangle and the windows on one side are more distant from the original house, which means that daylight cannot penetrate inside the house.

Light and air when cooking
The solution is the VELUX roof windows , which are installed on the flat roof and allow up to twice as much natural light to enter the entire room.

Natural light is the ideal ingredient for extensions and has the ability to make an environment look even more spacious.

extension with roof windows

Roof windows also allow you to ventilate the room and this is perfect for a kitchen, where it is important to let out smoke, odors and humidity.

VELUX flat roof windows can really transform an extension, but it is essential to choose the right configuration.

Extension with window for flat roofs
Extension with window for flat roofs
Flat roof windows to illuminate and ventilate
The design of a kitchen in an extension with a flat roof allows you to create an open environment in which you can find the whole family.

To add a surprising factor and ensure that the space is well lit and ventilated, flat roof windows with flat glass or curved glass are the ideal solution.

kitchen after inserting a roof window

Available in fixed (not openable), manual and electric versions , flat roof windows allow a view of the sky, are easy to maintain and offer an excellent level of noise reduction.

Furthermore, combined with the vertical windows, they allow to have the fireplace effect, so as to quickly let the hot and stale air come out from above and let in fresh and clean air.

Optimal climate in the kitchen
The VELUX INTEGRA window for flat roofs is designed to integrate perfectly with your new kitchen area.

Although it is suitable for all rooms in the house, this window works particularly well in a kitchen inserted in a flat roof extension.

With the remote control it is possible to open and close the windows when necessary, but it is in integration with the VELUX ACTIVE system that the windows give their best.

Thanks to the sensors that detect the climate inside the kitchen, the windows are automatically controlled to let the air out when the humidity, temperature and CO2 parameters are not optimal. In this way there will always be fresh and clean air in the room, even when cooking or doing activities all together.

Natural light is the perfect ingredient for extensions and has the ability to make an environment look even more spacious.
More roof windows, more light
Adding more windows allows daylight to enter different parts of the kitchen and place windows above work surfaces and the dining table to get the best lighting and ventilation in the most used areas.

kitchen with windows

As in all VELUX INTEGRA windows, flat roof windows are equipped with a rain sensor that closes at the first drops of water, so windows can be kept open when leaving the room, without worrying about the weather.